Our Team

JBI Electrical Systems, Inc. has been providing electrical contracting services in the
DFW area since 1989.

Jacky D. Martin as Owner/President of JBI has been instrumental in the growth of the company as well as earning the respect of our customers. Being licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Mexico as well as Texas has enabled JBI to serve our customers on a broader scale, and
JDM Electrical, Inc., our sister company, is licensed to work in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our multi-skilled staff has enabled JBI to grow into one of the largest contractors in the state. We offer a 24-hour Service department as well as a Data department for all your voice and data networking needs.

Our Safety Department is proactive in training the entire workforce to ensure the health and safety of our employees as well as the environment.

JBI believes in comprehensive training for our apprentices and the continuing education for our electricians.