JBI Electrical Systems

Established 1989
TECL #17258


Safety Team




  • Safety governs every aspect of our environment, both at work and at home
  • Safety is a way of life at JBI- through awareness, commitment, and actively caring for ourselves and for others
  • Safety is taught through leadership and is a value attached to everyday priority
  • Safety is a habit for every JBI team member
  • At JBI our goal is to do every job the right way and the SAFE way every time without exception

    JBI is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees. To prevent injuries and illnesses due to hazards we have established a safety program at the worker and management levels. To accomplish this task, the safety committee has been established to bring workers and management together to promote safety in the workplace. This safety committee will provide information and recommendations to management about occupational safety, health condition, practices, and to provide a forum for information exchange.